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Welcome to Fit For All, our passion is making exercise & diet FUN and EASY to get results. Unrealistic plans won't stick and you will find you don't reach your ultimate goals. Become motivated and enjoy working out and eating better with us, we are here for long term results.

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I really can't say enough great things about my experience with Shannon at Fit For All Personal Training. My husband and I are both enrolled in the accountability program and wow, it works! My husband lost 5lbs in his first week alone.
My favorite part of the program is the workouts. Due to the Covid situation, Shannon has been leading us through zoom workouts that are amazing (and in the comfort of our own living room). She's very good at tailoring the workouts to your individual fitness and skill level. In each of the exercises she offers suggestions for substitutions you can make to increase or decrease the difficulty level. It's also obvious that she does her homework before each class -she thinks about which muscle groups you've already worked recently and makes sure to design exercises the next time that will compliment those or work alternate muscle groups. By the end of the week I always feel like I've had a total body workout. (And I can see it in the mirror too!) Oooh and check this out...our teenagers have been joining Shannon's workouts too and love them! Our entire family of 4 can get a personalized workout together for LESS than what it would cost 1 of us to have a session with a trainer in a gym!
As part of the accountability program, Shannon also helps us with what is our family's most difficult hurdle, nutrition. She is awesome about forwarding suggestions for clean eating recipes and helping us meet our water intake goals. She has taught me how to meal prep for the first time in my life even!
Probably the best part about Fit For All Personal Training is that Shannon is REAL. She is fun, funny, shares her own life experiences and family with her clients, and she tailors a program to fit YOU. (Ex: She knows that my husband and I like to unwind with a beer, cocktail or wine often...and she's good with that! She's designed a nutrition plan around that because she understands that in order for this to work, this has to work with our lifestyle.)
In short, we just really love Fit For All. We feel better, look better, have better mental clarity, and have found a fun way to contact through exercise with our teenagers (and we all know how difficult that can be sometimes)!

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